Cover Picture: One Hundred Years of Vitamins—A Success Story of the Natural Sciences (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 52/2012)



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In 1912, the name vitamins was coined by Casimir Funk to describe essential bioactive substances contained in food. The use of vitamins has since resulted in an enormous improvement in human health. Their structures provided challenging synthetic problems for chemists in academia and industry. In the Review on page 12960 ff., W. Bonrath et al. present 100 years of achievement in vitamin preparation, from the first synthesis to manufacture on an industrial scale.

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Protein Mass Spectrometry

In their Communication on page 12992 ff., A. J. R. Heck and co-workers use orbitrap mass spectrometry to analyze intact native antibodies. This approach enables the direct characterization of the glycan profile of antibodies.

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Zimmerman Di-π-Methane Rearrangement

The di-π-methane rearrangement of dibenzobarrelene to dibenzosemibullvalene by density functional calculation is studied by R. A. Matute and K. N. Houk in their Communication on page 13097 ff.

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In their Communication on page 13089 ff., C. Li et al. show that the phase junction formed between two phases of Ga2O3 can facilitate charge separation, resulting in high photocatalytic activity for overall water splitting.

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