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Access to Organometallic Arylcobaltcorrins through Radical Synthesis: 4-Ethylphenylcobalamin, a Potential “Antivitamin B12


  • We thank Thomas Müller for the mass spectra and Ebba Nexö (Aarhus University) for helpful discussions. R.B. acknowledges support from the National Institutes of Health (DK45776).


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Locked B12: 4-Ethylphenylcobalamin, a novel organometallic arylcobalamin, has been synthesized in a radical reaction. This vitamin B12 antimetabolite features a strong Co[BOND]C bond, and represents a “locked” form of vitamin B12 (see picture). It may be used in animal studies to induce functional vitamin B12 deficiency artificially to help clarify still controversial issues related to the pathophysiology of vitamin B12 deficiency.