Orientation-Controlled Conjugation of Haloalkane Dehalogenase Fused Homing Peptides to Multifunctional Nanoparticles for the Specific Recognition of Cancer Cells


  • M.C. acknowledges the research fellowships of CMENA. This work was partly supported by Fondazione Regionale per la Ricerca Biomedica (FRRB), NanoMeDia Project, and Fondazione “Romeo ed Enrica Invernizzi”.


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In control: The ligand positioning and orientation on multifunctional nanoparticles (MNP) are controlled by using a versatile bimodular approach that exploits an 11 amino acid (U11) homing peptide genetically fused with a haloalkane dehalogenase (HALO) enzyme. The resultant nanoparticles have good targeting efficiency and selectivity toward broadly occurring urokinase plasminogen activator receptor positive human cancer cells.