Selective Assembly and Disassembly of a Water-Soluble Fe10L15 Prism


  • This work was supported by the EPSRC and the Marie Curie IIF Scheme of the 7th EU Framework Program. We thank the EPSRC Mass Spectrometry Service at Swansea for conducting ESI-MS experiments, the Diamond Light Source (UK) for synchrotron beam time on I19, the EPSRC National Crystallography Service for X-ray data collection, and Duncan Howe from the NMR service of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. We thank Prof. Andrea Mazzanti for the helpful discussions concerning the conformational dynamics of the system.


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Survival of the fittest: Two water-soluble metal–organic architectures, a tetrahedron and a pentagonal prism, were selectively assembled from the same building blocks under different reaction conditions. In a mixture of the two, the prism was disassembled upon addition of 4-methoxyaniline to form a mononuclear complex, while leaving the more stable tetrahedral structure intact.