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Incorporation of Vinyl Chloride in Insertion Polymerization


  • Financial support by Solvay SA, Belgium is gratefully acknowledged. We enjoyed stimulating discussions with Vincent Bodart and Thomas Hermant. Thomas Rünzi is gratefully acknowledged for X-Ray diffraction analyses of [L2PdCH3tmeda0.5] and [{L2PdCH3}2], and for providing complex [L2PdCH3(dmso)].


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A palladium-catalyzed insertion copolymerization of vinyl chloride (VC) and ethylene gave chlorinated polyethylene with CH3CHCl(CH2)n units (see scheme; C blue, O red, Pd orange, S yellow). The CH3CHCl end groups form by 2,1-insertion of VC into palladium hydride complexes, as revealed by detailed labeling studies. This first example of VC incorporation (up to 0.4 mol %) clearly shows that insertion (co)polymerization of VC is in principle feasible.

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