Peptides from Mamba Venom as Pain Killers


  • Work in the authors’ laboratory on toxins and pain is supported by grants from the Australian Research Council (DP1093115) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (631457, 1010552, and 1026501.


original image

The black mamba snake here illustrates the structure of mambaglin-1, a pain-relieving peptide found in its venom. Thick gray lines lines represent the four disulfide bonds linking Cys1–3, 2–4, 5–6, and 7–8. The N-terminus of the 57 amino acid peptide is at the head of the snake and the C-terminus at the tail. The peptide has potential as a pharmacological probe or drug lead. Image design by David Craik and drawing by Peta Harvey, University of Queensland.