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Kinetically Controlled Porosity in a Robust Organic Cage Material


  • C.J.D. and C.J.S. would like to acknowledge the Australian Research Council for funding (DP 120103909 (C.J.D.) and FT 100100400 (C.J.D.), and FT0991910 (C.J.S.)). D.J.N. and C.J.D. acknowledge support from the DSTO Fellowship programme. J.D.E. thanks CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering for a top-up Ph.D. scholarship.


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Won by the hare: A new crystalline microporous solid was prepared that is composed of discrete organic cages made entirely from carbon–carbon bonds. The porosity of this material can be controlled by simple kinetic methods, which afford reproducible access to either a non-porous or porous polymorph.

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