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Noninvasive Analysis of Paintings by Mid-infrared Hyperspectral Imaging


  • We thank the Fondazione Albizzini for allowing access to the Burri Collection and A. Daveri for help in data collection. We acknowledge financial support from the European Commission (FP7 Research Infrastructures, CHARISMA GA no. 228330), MIUR (PRIN08, Materiali e sistemi innovativi per la conservazione dell’arte contemporanea, 2008 FFXXN9), and the Associazione Laboratorio di Diagnostica di Spoleto.


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Cultural detective work: Remote hyperspectral imaging in the mid-infrared region enables the identification and localization of the painting materials used by artists (see brightness temperature difference image overlayed with the corresponding portion of the painting Sestante 10 by Alberto Burri and IR reflection spectra for this area). The resulting molecular images are thus of great value for art conservation.

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