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Synthesis of a Donor-Stabilized Silacyclopropan-1-one


  • We are grateful to the CNRS and the ANR (NOPROBLEM, LEGO) for financial support of this research. R.R. acknowledges the JSPS for a postdoctoral fellowship. For the theoretical studies, access to the HPC resources of Idris was granted by GENCI (Grand Equipement National de Calcul Intensif) under allocation 2012 (i2012080045).


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As intriguing as the Bermuda Triangle: The synthesis and characterization of an isolable silacyclopropan-1-one (see structure; red O, blue N, green Si, yellow P) was made possible by stabilization through intramolecular coordination by a Lewis base. However, this silacyclopropan-1-one, which contains a significantly elongated endocyclic C[BOND]C σ bond, remains highly reactive and underwent an unprecedented silanone–silenol rearrangement under mild conditions.