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125 Years of Chemistry in the Mirror of “Angewandte”


  • The content of all tables and of Figures 1, 9, 11, and 12 is based on information from the journal’s homepage or the Editorial Office of Angewandte Chemie.


This Review investigates the development of Angewandte Chemie since the founding of the journal in 1887 and analyzes how its content reflects the changes in chemical research over these 125 years. Although Angewandte Chemie was originally founded as a journal for applied (“angewandte”)—technical and analytical—chemistry, numerous review articles and abstracts published even in its first 50 years enable the milestones in chemical research in a much broader sense to be traced nicely. With the introduction of the International Edition in 1962, the author base, which had until then been primarily limited to German-speaking countries, became increasingly international, and the journal experienced impressive growth. Today, with its attractive layout, successful mix of articles, and high impact factor, Angewandte Chemie covers chemical research around the world in its full breadth, with its many achievements and future challenges.

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