Sequence-Controlled Multi-Block Glycopolymers to Inhibit DC-SIGN-gp120 Binding


  • We acknowledge financial support from the University of Warwick and the China Scholarship Council. Equipment used in this research was funded by the Innovative Uses for Advanced Materials in the Modern World (AM2) with support from AWM and ERDF. D.M.H. is a Royal Society/Wolfson Fellow and C.R.B. is a Science City Senior Research Fellow. Dr. Christopher N. Scanlan has provided the gp120.


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Chain of command: Multi-block glycopolymers made of mannose (M, see figure), glucose, and di(ethylene glycol) ethyl ether (D) monomers were synthesized using a technique to control the polymer sequence. These highly monodisperse glycopolymers were then tested for binding and inhibition of DC-SIGN, a protein important for HIV infection.