Bioinspired Wafer-Scale Production of Highly Stretchable Carbon Films for Transparent Conductive Electrodes


  • Financial support by the ERC grant on NANOGRAPH, ENERCHEM, DFG Priority Program SPP 1459, BMBF LiBZ, ESF Project GOSPEL (Ref Nr: 9-EuroGRAPHENE-FP-001), EU Project GENIUS, and MOLESOL. The authors thank Haixin Zhou for the TEM measurements, Dr. Zhong-shuai Wu for the SEM measurements, and Dr. Xianjie Liu (Linköping University) for the XPS measurements.


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Carbon-based films: Dopamine was used as the precursor for the facile yet controllable production of a highly stretchable transparent conductive film (see picture). The film synthesized is transparent and can reversibly withstand mechanical deformations (such as being stretched to 20 % for 100 cycles).