Mechanical Carbohydrate Sensors Based on Soft Hydrogel Particles


  • Financial support was granted by the German Research Foundation (DFG) through the Emmy Noether program (HA5950/1-1), and the collaborative research center (SFB) 765, the Center for Supramolecular Interactions (CSI) at Freie Universität Berlin and Max Planck Society. The authors thank P. H. Seeberger, P. Fratzl, M. Harrington, and T. Pompe for support and helpful discussions, and J. Erath is acknowledged for the RICM calibration procedure.


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Elastic sensors: A simple method is presented for the measurement of specific biomolecular interactions with soft colloidal hydrogel particles (SCPs) as sensors. Carbohydrate/lectin interactions (see picture; green: carbohydrate molecules) were studied by optical detection of the mechanical deformation of the particles on a lectin surface. The affinity of various carbohydrate inhibitors could also be readily determined.