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Copper Salts as Additives in Gold(I)-Catalyzed Reactions


  • We thank ANR JCJC HAONA, UPS, CNRS, and IUF for financial support. We also thank Dr. Mohamed Mellah for useful discussions.


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The right combination: CuI and CuII salts can advantageously replace silver additives in AuI-catalyzed reactions. On the basis of reactivity studies and NMR experiments, it is believed that anion metathesis between CuYn (Y=OTf, BF4, PF6, SbF6) and [R3PAuCl] takes place to give [R3PAu]Y. As this process is slow, there is no fast decay of the active species, thus allowing large-scale reactions, even at high temperatures, with low loadings of the gold complex.