Tandem Synthesis of Photoactive Benzodifuran Moieties in the Formation of Microporous Organic Networks


  • This work was supported by grants NRF-2012-045064 (Midcareer Researcher Program) and R31-2008-10029 (WCU program) through NRF of Korea. J.H.P. thanks for grant NRF-2012-1040282 (Priority Research Centers Program). J.Y.L. acknowledges grant NRF-2007-0056343.


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Tiny pores: Benzodifuran moieties were introduced into microporous organic networks (MONs) through a tandem process consisting of Sonogashira coupling of 1,3,5-triethynylbenzene and 2,5-diiodo-1,4-hydroquinone and intramolecular cyclization. The resultant benzodifuran-containing MON showed promising photocatalytic activities in the oxidative conversion of primary amines into imines.