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Stabilization of a Two-Coordinate [GeCl]+ Cation by Simultaneous σ and π Donation from a Monodentate Carbodiphosphorane


  • Generous financial support of our research programs by the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft is gratefully acknowledged. We also thank Prof. A. Fürstner for constant encouragement and Prof. C. W. Lehmann and J. Rust for all of the crystallographic analyses.


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Give me four: The synthesis, structure, and reactivity of [GeCl]+ and [SnCl]+ cations bearing a carbodiphosphorane as ancillary ligand are presented. In the Ge compound, simultaneous σ and π donation from the carbodiphosphorane to Ge is observed (see HOMO (left) and HOMO−1 (right); C black, H white, P orange, Cl green, Ge purple (not visible)), whereas only the σ dative component is present in the Sn analogue.