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Chirped-Pulse and Cavity-Based Fourier Transform Microwave Spectra of the Methyl Lactate⋅⋅⋅Ammonia Adduct


  • This research was funded by the University of Alberta and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Y.X. and W.J. are holders of Canada Research Chairs (Tier I). We thank Prof. H. Mäder for discussions concerning internal rotors and the XIAM program, and Prof. S. E. Novick and Dr. J. R. Cheeseman for nuclear quadrupole coupling constant calculations.


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Internal rotations: Using a broadband chirped-pulse and a cavity-based microwave spectrometer, the delicate balance between intra- and intermolecular hydrogen-bonding interactions in the methyl lactate⋅⋅⋅NH3 adduct was investigated (see picture). The adduct is a prototype lock-and-key system consisting of a lock with two “spinning” tops and a key which is also a spinning top itself.