A Three-Component Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidative C[BOND]C Coupling Reaction: A Domino Process in Two Dimensions


  • We thank the Academy of Finland (projects 138854 and 139046), Tekes, Orion Pharma, Hormos Medical, and AB Enzymes for financial support. We also thank Mirja Lahtiperä and Esa Haapaniemi for assistance with mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy, respectively. Antti Neuvonen and Dr. K.-T. Yip are acknowledged for assistance with the X-ray and kinetic analysis, respectively. Author contributions: M.V.L. conceived and initiated the study and performed the kinetic experiments. R.Y.N. explored the scope of the reaction. P.M.P. supervised the project and wrote the paper together with the co-authors.


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Easy as ABC… or CBA! Indoles can be selectively functionalized twice by a catalytic oxidative three-component coupling of arylboronates and β-ketoesters. The difference in the rates (see scheme) of the competing processes are amplified under the conditions of the three-component reaction.