Synthesis of Unsymmetric Diphospho-Inositol Polyphosphates


  • The authors are grateful to Prof. J. Siegel for continuous support, and the NMR and MS facilities at UZH (O. Zerbe, L. Bigler). We thank A. Saiardi for kindly providing the plasmid encoding Ddp1. This work was supported by the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (FCI, Liebig Stipend to H.J.J.) and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF, Ambizione Grant PZ00P2_136816 to H.J.J.).


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One to rule them all: A novel C2-symmetric phosphoramidite was developed that can be used to prepare all four unsymmetric diphospho inositol pentaphosphates (PP-InsP5). The target structures were synthesized in few steps and high enantiomeric ratios. With the obtained compounds, specificity of Ddp1 from yeast (a PP-InsP5 phosphatase) was studied.