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Formation of Bismuth(V) Thiolates: Protolysis and Oxidation of Triphenylbismuth(III) with Heterocyclic Thiols


  • We thank Monash University and the Australian Research Council for financial support. A.L. thanks the Pakistan Government for the award of an International Research Support Initiative Program (IRSIP) Scholarship.


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Stressing bismuth: Two monophenyl tetrathiolato BiV complexes, [BiPh(SR)4], have been prepared upon treating BiPh3 in toluene/ethanol under reflux conditions with an excess of N-heterocyclic thiols (see scheme), indicating oxidation of the bismuth center. Crystallization from DMSO over several months leads to reduction of bismuth back to BiIII through protonation of two of the thiolato ligands.

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