Rapidly Reversible Manipulation of Molecular Activity with Dual Chemical Dimerizers


  • We thank Dr. Jun Liu for FK506. We also thank Siew Cheng Phua for careful proofreading of the manuscript. This study was supported in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (grant GM092930 to T.I.) and by JST (10216).


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Tell it where to go: Rapamycin induced the relocation of an FRB-fused protein of interest (POI) to the plasma membrane (labeled with the fusion protein GAIs–FKBP–C2(LACT)) to activate a signaling event (see picture). Subsequent treatment with a gibberellic acid ester led to the relocation of the whole GAIs–FKBP–C2(LACT)/rapamycin/FRB–POI complex to the Tom20–GID1-labeled mitochondria with the termination of POI-dependent signaling.