Preservation of Lattice Orientation in Coalescing Imperfectly Aligned Gold Nanowires by a Zipper Mechanism


  • The authors thank Dr. A. Ambrosi for XPS characterization and the financial support from the A*Star (SERC 112-120-2011) and NRF (CRP-4-2008-06) of Singapore.


original image

Parallel-stacked gold nanowires (NWs) in a ring conformation are induced to coalesce, forming solid seamless rings. The axial lattice orientation of the original Au NWs is preserved in the coalesced rings (see picture; scale bars 2 nm, insets 50 nm). A zipper mechanism is proposed to reconcile the three major events in coalescing nanocrystals: ligand loss, lattice alignment, and coalescence.