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The Synthesis of Size- and Color-Controlled Silver Nanoparticles by Using Microwave Heating and their Enhanced Catalytic Activity by Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance


  • The authors appreciate assistance from Dr. Eiji Taguchi and Prof. Hidehiro Yasuda at the Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy, Osaka University for TEM measurements. The X-ray absorption experiments were performed at the Spring-8, Harima (Japan).


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Silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) of various colors were synthesized within the mesopore structure of SBA-15 by using microwave-assisted alcohol reduction. The charge density is partially localized on the surface of these Ag NPs owing to localized surface plasmon resonance. This charge localization results in them having enhanced catalytic activity under visible light irradiation compared to Ag NPs obtained by thermal processes.

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