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Fabrication of Complex Three-Dimensional Polymer Brush Nanostructures through Light-Mediated Living Radical Polymerization


  • We thank the MRSEC program of the National Science Foundation (DMR 1121053, J.E.P. and C.J.H.) and the Dow Chemical Company through the Dow Materials Institute at UCSB for financial support. B.P.F. thanks the California NanoSystems Institute for the Elings Prize Fellowship in Experimental Science. J.E.P. thanks the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for funding.


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A facile approach to unique 3D, patterned polymer brushes is based on visible-light-mediated controlled radical polymerization. The temporal and spatial control of the polymerization allows the patterning of polymer brushes from a uniform initiating layer using a simple photomask (see picture). Furthermore, gradient polymer brushes, patterned block copolymers, and complex 3D structures can be obtained by modulating light intensity.