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Why Silver Deposition is so Fast: Solving the Enigma of Metal Deposition


  • Financial support by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Schm 344/34-1,2, and FOR 1376), and by an exchange agreement between the DFG and CONICET are gratefully acknowledged. E. Santos, P.Q., and W.S. thank CONICET for continued support. E. Santos acknowledges PIP-CONICET 112-2010001-00411 for support. A generous grant of computing time from the Baden-Württemberg grid is gratefully acknowledged.


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A perfect match: Silver deposition is one of the fastest electrochemical reactions, even though the Ag+ ion loses more than 5 eV solvation energy in the process. This phenomenon, an example of the enigma of metal deposition, was investigated by a combination of MD simulations, DFT, and specially developed theory. At the surface, the Ag+ ion experiences a strong interaction with the sp band of silver, which catalyzes the reaction.