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Visualization and Isolation of Langerhans Islets by a Fluorescent Probe PiY


  • We thank Siti Hajar and Chew Yan Tuang for excellent technical support in cell culture and screening, and Clement Khaw (SBIC-Nikon Imaging Centre) for confocal microscopy. This study was supported by intramural funding from A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore) Biomedical Research Council, and a Ministry Of Education MOE2010-T2-1-025 grant to Y.-T.C. from National University of Singapore.


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Lighting up the pancreas: A pancreatic beta cell selective probe PiY (red, see picture) was developed which stains Langerhans islets in live animals without toxicity or side effects. Through tail-vein injection, PiY allowed for a comparison of the islets between healthy and diabetic mice. PiY also facilitated the isolation of healthy Langerhans islets by using a fluorescence-guided surgical procedure.