Self-Assembling Neodymium/Sodium Heterobimetallic Asymmetric Catalyst Confined in a Carbon Nanotube Network


  • This work was financially supported by KAKENHI (20229001 and 24106745) from JSPS and MEXT, and JST, ACT-C. N.K. thanks the Suzuken Memorial Foundation for financial support. We thank Prof. Dr. Magnus Rueping for fruitful discussions.


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Confined cat works better: A self-assembling heterobimetallic catalyst, comprised of a Nd/Na/amide ligand confined in an entangled multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWNT) network, outperforms the unconfined catalyst in anti-selective catalytic asymmetric nitroaldol reactions. The confined catalyst could be used repeatedly through simple filtration, and was applied to a concise enantioselective synthesis of anacetrapib.