• aldols;
  • asymmetric synthesis;
  • dynamic kinetic resolution;
  • homoenolates;
  • N-heterocyclic carbenes

Table 1 of this Communication contains wrong data for the ee values of entries 1–7. The corrected entries are shown here.

Table 1. Reaction optimization.[a] inline image
EntryVariation of the standard conditionsP:SM[b]d.r.[c]ee [%][d]
  1. [a] See the Supporting Information for details. [b] Ratio of product (P) to starting material (SM) determined by 1H NMR spectroscopy (500 MHz). Number in parentheses is the isolated yield of both diastereomers (on a 0.4 mmol scale). [c] Ratio determined by 1H NMR spectroscopy (500 MHz) prior to purification. [d] Enantiomeric excess of the major diastereomer determined by HPLC. [e] Starting material recovered. [f] Yield of major diastereomer only. … n.d. = not determined.

1A, X=OEt2:34:1n.d.
2B, X=OEt1.2:15:1n.d.
3C, X=OEt1:20[e]
4D, X=OEt1:34:1n.d.
5E, X=OEt>20:1 (31)[f]7:190
6F, X=OEt>20:1 (72)5:199
7F, X=NBn2>20:11:1n.d.
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