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Self-Assembly of a Supramolecular, Three-Dimensional, Spoked, Bicycle-like Wheel


  • We gratefully acknowledge support from the National Science Foundation (CHE-1151991, G.R.N; DMR-0821313 and CHE-1012636, C.W.) and support from the Ohio Board of Regents. X.L. acknowledges support from the Research Enhancement Program of Texas State University–San Marcos.


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Where there′s a wheel, there′s a way: The terpyridine-based title system has been synthesized through a facile self-assembly process. Two tris(terpyridine) ligands possessing angles of either 120° or 60° between adjacent tpy units were mixed with a stoichiometric amount of Zn2+ (2:6:12) to generate the desired coordination-driven bicycle-like wheel (90 % yield).