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Si[BOND]Si and Si[BOND]O Bond Activation at Platinum: Stepwise Formation of a SiH3 Complex


  • We would like to acknowledge the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft for financial support. We are grateful to Dr. S. Mebs for the crystallography.


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The more, the better: Treatment of [Pt(H)2(dcpe)] (dcpe=1,2-bis(dicyclohexylphosphino)ethane) with stoichiometric amounts of silane leads to the bis(silyl) complex [Pt{Si(OMe)3}2(dcpe)], whereas the use of an excess silane results in hydrodealkoxylations by repetitive Si[BOND]O bond activation and the formation of SiH3 ligands (see scheme; Cy=cyclohexyl).

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