A Cyclic Silylone (“Siladicarbene”) with an Electron-Rich Silicon(0) Atom


  • Financial support from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DR-17/2) and the Alexander von Humboldt foundation (Sofja Kovalevskaja Program for S.I.) are gratefully acknowledged.


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King of donor: The chelating bis(carbene) 1 enabled the synthesis of the new silyliumylidene salt 2. This salt can be dechlorinated with sodium naphthalenide to give the first cyclic siladicarbene 3, which bears a single Si0 atom with strikingly high basicity. The small C-Si-C angle of 89.1° and the average C[BOND]Si distance of 1.869 Å are consistent with results from theoretical calculations, which revealed that 3 is best described as a silylone.