Disruption of the Dynamics of Microtubules and Selective Inhibition of Glioblastoma Cells by Nanofibers of Small Hydrophobic Molecules


  • This research was partially supported by the NIH (R01CA142746) and startup funds from Brandeis University. We acknowledge the help of the EM facility at Brandeis University. B.X. thanks Prof. N. Grigorieff for advice on TEM.


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Ganging up against the bad guys: Nanofibers of 1 efficiently inhibited the growth of glioblastoma cells but exhibited little acute toxicity toward a neuronal cell line. The selective cytotoxicity probably stems from the Warburg effect of cancer cells and the existence of microtubule-stabilizing proteins in neurons. Supramolecular nanofibers that can interrupt the self-organization of proteins may have potential as nanomedicines for the treatment of cancer.