Controlled Release of Encapsulated Cargo from a DNA Icosahedron using a Chemical Trigger


  • We thank Harshavardhan Reddy, Bharath Raj, and Bharath Srikanth for valuable discussions. This work was presented in BIOMOD 2012 at the Wyss Institute, Boston (USA). This work was funded by NCBS. Y.K. thanks Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance for a Senior Research fellowship. D.B. thanks CSRI, GoI for a research fellowship.


original image

DNA Trojan horse: A DNA icosahedron (black, see scheme) held together with aptamers (red) was used to encapsulate molecular cargo such as fluorescent dextran (green). In the presence of a molecular trigger (gray hexagons), the aptamers fold back leading to opening of the icosahedron and simultaneous release of the encapsulated cargo.