A Self-Assembled [FeII12L12] Capsule with an Icosahedral Framework


  • This work was supported by EPSRC and the Schlumberger-Faculty for the Future Fellowship program (R.A.B.). We thank Prof. Christoph Schalley for preliminary MS analyses of compound 1, Diamond Light Source (UK) for synchrotron beamtime on I19 (MT7569), and Dr. Maarten M. J. Smulders for useful discussions.


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How about a different geometry? Depending on the reaction conditions, a threefold-symmetric triamine is observed to assemble into either the novel icosahedral [FeII12L12] capsule 1, or tetrahedral [FeII4L4] capsule 2. The two capsules have radically different cavity volumes and shapes, and are able to encapsulate guests of different size, shape, and charge.