Enantioselective Nitrene Transfer to Sulfides Catalyzed by a Chiral Iron Complex


  • J.W. acknowledges support by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. We thank Manuel Jörres for his help in the HPLC analyses and Dr. Jing Hu for her kind assistance during this research. We also appreciate the proofreading of the manuscript by Dr. Daniel L. Priebbenow, Isabelle Thomé, and Dr. Ingo Schiffers.


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Iron works: Enantioselective nitrene transfer to sulfide was accomplished by a chiral iron(III)/PyBOX catalyst (see scheme). Various sulfimides were thus obtained in high enantioselectivities and yields. Applications of this protocol to the syntheses of enantioenriched sulfoximines and an epoxide were also demonstrated.