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Semiconducting Polymer Dots Doped with Europium Complexes Showing Ultranarrow Emission and Long Luminescence Lifetime for Time-Gated Cellular Imaging


  • D.T.C. gratefully acknowledges support for this research from the National Institutes of Health (NS052637 and GM085485), the Life Sciences Discovery Fund, and the University of Washington. R.P.D. and H.J.Z. are grateful to the financial aid from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (91122030) and National Natural Science Foundation for Creative Research Group (21221061).


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Bright dots: Semiconducting polymer dots (Pdots) doped with europium complexes possess line-like fluorescence emission, high quantum yield, and long fluorescence lifetime. The Pdots successfully labeled receptors on cells. The long fluorescence lifetime of the Pdots was used to distinguish them from other red fluorescence emitting nanoparticles, and improve the signal-to-noise ratio for time-gated cellular imaging. PVK=poly(9-vinylcarbazole).

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