100th Anniversary of Bohr’s Model of the Atom


  • I thank the Chemistry Departments of Tsinghua and Siegen Universities for support. I am grateful to S. Brandt (Siegen), G. Frenking (Marburg), A. Karachalios (Mainz), H. Kragh (Aarhus), M. Schmidt (Ames), and particularly to K. Ruedenberg (Ames) for many constructive comments and to A. Schirrmacher (Berlin) and H. Schönherr (Siegen) for help with the graphics.


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In the fall of 1913 Niels Bohr formulated his atomic models at the age of 27. This Essay traces Bohr's fundamental reasoning regarding atomic structure and spectra, the periodic table of the elements, and chemical bonding. His enduring insights and superseded suppositions are also discussed.