Facile Deposition of Multicolored Electrochromic Metal–Organic Framework Thin Films


  • This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences under award number DE-SC0006937. This work also made use of the MRSEC Shared Experimental Facilities at MIT, supported in part by the NSF under award number DMR-0819762. M.D. thanks 3M for summer funding from a non-tenured faculty award and the MIT-Hayashi Fund for a travel grant.


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Metal–organic frameworks: The solvothermal reaction of Zn2+ ions and bis- (pyrazolyl)naphthalene diimide readily affords strongly adhering, electroactive metal–organic framework thin films on conductive glass substrates (see picture). Electrochemical cycling of these films followed by in situ UV/Vis spectroscopy reveals striking multicolored electrochromic responses.