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Intergrowth Structure and Aluminium Zoning of a Zeolite ZSM-5 Crystal as Resolved by Synchrotron-Based Micro X-Ray Diffraction Imaging


  • Z.R. and J.P.H. thank the Dutch National Research School Combination Catalysis (NRSC-C) for funding. J.P.H. thanks the German Research Foundation (DFG) for a postdoctoral research fellowship (Ho4579/1-1). The ESRF is acknowledged for providing beamtime and staff members of ESRF beamline ID 01, and Zafer Öztürk (Utrecht) is acknowledged for experimental support. Machteld Mertens (ExxonMobil, Machelen, Belgium) is thanked for providing the ZSM-5 samples. We thank Prof. Jürgen Janek (Giessen) for granting access to the TOF-SIMS facilities and Julia Kokesch-Himmelreich (Giessen) for confocal-microscopy height-profiling measurements.


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Crystallographic microscopy: Zeolite ZSM-5 is one of the most used solid acid catalysts in the oil refining and chemical industries. Synchrotron-based micro X-ray diffraction imaging has been used to spatially resolve the internal crystallographic 3D architecture of ZSM-5 intergrowths and to visualize the zoning of aluminium at the single-catalyst-particle level.