Tetrel-Bonding Interaction: Rediscovered Supramolecular Force?


  • This work was funded by the MINECO of Spain (CONSOLIDER-Ingenio 2010 project CSD2010-0065, and project CTQ2011-27512, FEDER funds) and the Govern Balear (project 23/2011, FEDER funds). T.J.M. acknowledges the School of Chemistry of the University of Bristol (UK).


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The w(hole) picture: A tetrel bond is a directional noncovalent interaction between a covalently bonded atom of Group IV and a negative site, for example, the lone pair of a Lewis base or an anion. It involves a region of positive electrostatic potential (σ hole), and energetically, they are comparable to hydrogen bonds and other σ-hole-based interactions.