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Kinetic Assembly of a Thermally Stable Porous Coordination Network Based on Labile CuI Units and the Visualization of I2 Sorption


  • This research was supported by WCU (World Class University) program (Project No. R31-2008-000-10059-0) and Basic Research (Project No. 2011-0009930) through the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. This work was performed under the approval of the Photon Factory Program Advisory Committee (Proposal No. 2012G017) and Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (Proposal No. 2010-2086-04).


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A net gain: A kinetically assembled, but thermally stable network is obtained using the labile metal species [Cu4I4(PPh3)4]. The network uniquely adsorbs I2 by chemisorption through I3 formation. The chemisorbed I2 readily desorbs above 380 K owing to the dynamic motion of the framework. A thermodynamically assembled network physisorbs I2, which is an exact fit for the channel.