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Methylaluminum-Supported Rare-Earth-Metal Dihydrides


  • We thank the German Science Foundation for financial support.


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The super-bulky hydrotris(3-tert-butyl-5-methylpyrazolyl)borato ligand (TptBu,Me) allows the isolation of the monolanthanide complexes [TptBu,MeLn{(μ-H)AlMe3}2] (Ln=Y, Lu; see structure), which can be transformed into discrete non-agglomerated imide complexes [TptBu,MeLn{(μ-NC6H3Me2-2,6)(μ-H)AlMe2}] by reaction with dimethylaniline. Ln hydrido bonding is corroborated by 1H NMR spectroscopy through 1H–89Y coupling and 89Y DEPT45 NMR spectroscopy.