Mild Bioconjugation Through the Oxidative Coupling of ortho-Aminophenols and Anilines with Ferricyanide


  • This work was supported by a grant from the NSF (CHE 1059083). A.C.O was supported by an NSF graduate research fellowship and the UC Berkeley Chemical Biology Program (NRSA Training Grant 1 T32 GMO66698). J.B.J. was supported by a SURF Rose-Hills summer research fellowship, and C.N. was supported by an HHMI International Student Fellowship.


Using a small-molecule-based screen, ferricyanide was identified as a mild and efficient oxidant for the coupling of anilines and o-aminophenols on protein substrates. This reaction is compatible with thiols and 1,2-diols, allowing its use in the creation of complex bioconjugates for use in biotechnology and materials applications.