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Scalable Synthesis of Oxazolones from Propargylic Alcohols through Multistep Palladium(II) Catalysis: β-Selective Oxidative Heck Coupling of Cyclic Sulfonyl Enamides and Aryl Boroxines


  • Financial support from the European Research Council (ERC AdG 247014), the Swedish Research Council, and the Berzelii Centre EXSELENT is gratefully acknowledged.


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A whale of a scale: The title oxidative Heck coupling proceeded with unusual β selectivity to generate a variety of branched substituted oxazolones (see scheme; Ts=p-toluenesulfonyl). The three-step synthesis from readily available starting materials with a simple palladium catalyst and inexpensive reagents could be carried out in a single reaction vessel or scaled up for the preparation of large amounts of these amino acid precursors.

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