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Highly Concave Platinum Nanoframes with High-Index Facets and Enhanced Electrocatalytic Properties


  • We acknowledge financial support from the Ministry of Education, Singapore through the academic research fund AcRF tier 2 (MOE2009-T2-2-024) and AcRF tier 1 (M4011020 RG8/12) and from the National Research Foundation, Singapore through the competitive research program (2009 NRF-CRP 001-032).


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Deeply excavated: Platinum nanoframes with highly concave {740} facets (see picture) are synthesized directly by a facile oleylamine-assisted solvothermal method. Because of the unique structure and exposed high-index facets, the as-prepared Pt nanoframes exhibit very high electrocatalytic activity and remarkable stability for the oxygen reduction reaction and the oxidation of methanol and formic acid.

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