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Written-in Conductive Patterns on Robust Graphene Oxide Biopaper by Electrochemical Microstamping


  • We appreciate the technical support from Dr. Yaodong Liu and An-Ting Chien for the tensile measurements. We thank the financial support provided by the Air Force Office for Scientific Research Grant FA9550-11-1-0233 and Grant FA9550-09-1-0162 (BIONIC Center), and from the Semiconductor Research Corporation Grant 2008J1864.1281.


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The silk road: By employing silk fibroin as a binder between graphene oxide films and aluminum foil for a facile, highly localized reduction process, conductive paper is reinvented. The flexible, robust biographene papers have high toughness and electrical conductivity. This electrochemical written-in approach is readily applicable for the fabrication of conductive patterned papers (see picture) with complex circuitries.