The Prodrug Platin-A: Simultaneous Release of Cisplatin and Aspirin


  • We thank Samuel Kennedy for his initial efforts in synthesizing Platin-A, and Kasey Darley for coming up with the name Platin-A. We thank Dr. Ramaraja Ramasamy for potentiostat measurements and Dr. Todd C. Harrop for IR measurements. This work was supported by a Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Idea award (W81XWH-12-1-0406) to S.D.


Cancer-associated inflammation induces tumor progression to the metastatic stage, thus indicating that a chemo-anti-inflammatory strategy is of interest for the management of aggressive cancers. The platinum(IV) prodrug Platin-A was designed to release cisplatin and aspirin to ameliorate the nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity caused by cisplatin. Platin-A exhibited anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties which are better than a combination of cisplatin and aspirin. These findings highlight the advantages of combining anti-inflammatory treatment with chemotherapy when both the drugs are delivered in the form of a single prodrug.