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Cobalt Imidazolate Metal–Organic Frameworks Photosplit CO2 under Mild Reaction Conditions


  • Supported by the National Basic Research Program of China (2013CB632405 and 2014CB239303), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21033003 and 21273039), the State Key Laboratory of NBC Protection for Civilian (SKLNBC2013-04K), and the Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education (20133514110003).


Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have shown great promise for CO2 capture and storage. However, the operation of chemical redox functions of framework substances and organic CO2-trapping entities which are spatially linked together to catalyze CO2 conversion has had much less attention. Reported herein is a cobalt-containing zeolitic imidazolate framework (Co-ZIF-9) which serves as a robust MOF cocatalyst to reduce CO2 by cooperating with a ruthenium-based photosensitizer. The catalytic turnover number of Co-ZIF-9 was about 450 within 2.5 hours under mild reaction conditions, while still keeping its original reactivity during prolonged operation.