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Polyoxometalate Clusters Integrated into Peptide Chains and as Inorganic Amino Acids: Solution- and Solid-Phase Approaches


  • This work was supported by the EPSRC, the Royal Society/Wolfson foundation, and the University of Glasgow. We thank Dr. S. M. Kelly for her help with CD spectroscopy and A. Macdonell for his synthetic insight and help with illustrations.


General synthetic methods for the grafting of peptide chains onto polyoxometalate clusters by the use of general activated precursors have been developed. Using a solution-phase approach, pre-synthesized peptides can be grafted to a metal oxide cluster to produce hybrids of unprecedented scale (up to 30 residues). An adapted solid-phase method allows the incorporation of these clusters, which may be regarded as novel hybrid unnatural amino acids, during the peptide synthesis itself. These methods may open the way for the automated synthesis of peptides and perhaps even proteins that contain “inorganic” amino acids.

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