Back Cover: Formation of [Bi11]3−, A Homoatomic, Polycyclic Bismuth Polyanion, by Pyridine-Assisted Decomposition of [GaBi3]2− (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 18/2014)



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With its so-called ufosan structure the [Bi11]3− ion is the first polycyclic bismuth polyanion. S. Dehnen and co-workers show in their Communication on page 4704 ff. that its synthesis occurs by the surprisingly simple reaction of [K([2.2.2]crypt)]2(GaBi3) with the pyridine solvent to yield [K([2.2.2]crypt)]3(Bi11). The binary Zintl anion [GaBi3]2− decomposes under oxidative coupling of pyridine molecules and release of H2 to form the [Bi11]3− species.